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Volunteers are needed to assist with weekly rehearsals, performances, and other special opportunities. Learn more here.


2016-2017 Yuletide Volunteer Opportunities
As part of a trade that NWYO has with the ISO that enables us the opportunity to rent the beautiful Hilbert Circle Theatre, we need to provide 18 volunteers at seven different Yuletide performances (Note:  you can volunteer as many times as you want).  Volunteers prep and sell cookies and wassail, and also provide assistance when needed.  You get to listen to the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra’s Yuletide Celebration for free!  Volunteers need to be 12 or older (few exceptions can be made). 

What Do I have to Do? Arrive at Hilbert Theatre two hours prior to performance time to receive specific instructions for selling gourmet cookies and beverages. This may include prepackaging cookies in wax paper bags. Concessions are sold an hour before the show time and again during intermission.

What is a Crew Chief? A Crew Chief is simply a liaison between NWYO volunteers and Hilbert Theatre's House Manager. Duties include:picking up aprons and money boxes to be used at each station, assigning volunteers to each station, choosing a cashier for each station, overseeing sacking and selling of cookies, and final accounting for money boxes. It is a fun job, and it benefits your ISO. 

How Long is a Shift? All volunteers are asked to arrive two hours before performance, but you are free to leave after intermission sales. Intermission is scheduled 50 minutes into the show and lasts for 20 minutes. Approximate length of the show is two hours.

What Do I Wear? Feel free to wear your favorite Christmas sweater or holiday attire. Comfortable shoes are suggested since you will be on your feet. Hilbert Theatre will provide each volunteer with a red apron.

Obtaining Volunteer Service Credit for Student Volunteers Student:  Yuletide volunteers can receive service hour credits for the National Honor Society, or other organizations.  To receive your credits, bring the appropriate form from your school to your Crew Chief on the night of your performance.  It will be completed by your Crew Chief, and you will earn credit for approximately 4 hours of service.

For the 2016-2017 season, we need volunteers for the following productions of Yuletide:

December 2 - 8pm
December 3 - 8pm
December 9 - 8pm
December 10 - 8pm
December 16 - 8pm
December 17 - 2pm
December 20 - 2pm

Downtown parking interactive map:

Circle Center Mall parking:

If you are new to the area or haven't heard of the ISO's Yuletide Celebration, check out more info about it here:



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